The Latest Digital Pre-Trip Inspection Features

Inspect-Entry Types.gif

New Inspection Entry Types

Several new data entry types added, including text, decimals, fractions and whole numbers--allowing a wider range of inputs. Additionally you can now have an item where a user can make multiple selections for the result.


Inspection Menu Toolbar

Ever wanted to add a picture or a comment to an item whether it's being asked for or not? Now you can with the inspection toolbar that can be accessed during inspections to take a picture or video, add a comment and you can also access the flashlight or start a timer here.


Vehicle Selector

No more entering vehicle identification every time you access a different part of the digital pre-trip inspection. From now on, every time you log in and select a vehicle, it will be used throughout the digital pre-trip inspection. Want to change vehicle without logging out? No problem, you can do that at the top of the main menu screen.


Capture Videos

Friendly reminder that you can request users to capture up to 30 second long videos during the inspection process. All you have to do is enable video capture per individual item in the portal to get started.


Inspection Landscape Mode

The digital pre-trip inspection tool can now be used in landscape mode from start to finish! You can also change the rotation while in an inspection from portrait to landscape.

Two-Tier Template.gif

Two-Tier Template Selection

Added an ability to group inspection templates by type to simplify inspection template selections.

Maintenance History.gif

Maintenance History

You can now view maintenance items for an individual vehicle from the main menu that are currently outstanding, assigned or have recently been completed.


Use Last Asset

Added an ability to speed up the process of entering vehicle identification based on the last vehicle that an inspection was performed on. If you use a tablet on the same vehicle all the time, this can be a time saver!


Inspection History

Inspection history interface got updated!


  • Increased image resolution during inspections

  • Allows multiple pictures/videos to be taken per inspection items

  • User interface improvements

  • Many under the hood improvements

The Newest Digital Pre-Trip Inspection Web Portal Features

Alternative Inspection Item Pictures

You can now assign multiple pictures to an inspection item and have one of them displayed based on the vehicle configuration. No need to duplicate templates just to show different images.

Inspection Item History

Ever wanted to see complete history of an individual inspection item? Now you can by accessing "Item History" under Reports.


  • Improved layouts and navigation

  • Simplified template creation process

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