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A Full-Service Integrated Technology Solution...


We build you exactly what you need.  Run a powerful, yet nimble, small operation with our core Tracking and Dispatch product, or conquer the complexities of a major market transit operation with our proven and extensive hardware integrations, RTPI applications and public displays. 


We go the extra mile. And yet, you’ll never see a change fee, a training fee, or find a hidden cost. We provide unending operational support because we’re good at it, we like doing it, and we believe it’s important. When you're part of our family, we're part of your team. 


Our product works. Rest assured that you’ll get what we promise. Your system will deploy on-time, successfully, and operate the right way, every day. How do we know? Because in our entire company history, we’ve never failed a deployment, and we never will. 

Tools You Need...

Live Dispatch

Reporting & Analytics

Real Time Passenger Information

Automated Passenger Counting


Annunciation System

Signs, Screens & Public Displays



Mobile Applications

Vehicle Health Monitoring

Proven Success...


"Syncromatics has really helped LADOT with scheduling and on time performance. The best part is that Syncromatics is willing to develop customizable reports based on what LADOT needs.   We had a big problem with bunching in Downtown LA DASH Service and Syncromatics has really helped us to space out the vehicles and monitor their progress.  From the public's standpoint it has been beneficial because now they know exactly when the bus is coming."     - Brian Lee, LADOT

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