Our Story

Ten years ago, Syncromatics was founded in a college dorm room at the University of Southern California by a young engineer who identified a problem and made it his mission to build a solution. While we’re not working out of a dorm room anymore, we still come to work every day with that same determination, eager to solve the most complex problems in transportation.

In the beginning, the problem was creating safe, accessible, highly-used university shuttle systems. We built simple tracking and dispatch tools and planted our seeds at colleges across the country, providing a reliable service that made students and parents feel safe, while making administrators proud of the transportation services they offered. Along the way, our innovative product was recognized for its excellence by incubators that fueled our growth.

Before long, small and mid-sized municipal agencies were getting wind of our successful deployments, our easy-to-use product, our dedication to quality installations, and our acute attention to customer service. We quickly proved that we could easily handle the transition to municipal operations and began expanding our product offering to include passenger counting and annunciation systems that solved the specific needs of publicly funded transit operations.

A major turning point in the history of Syncromatics came when we were invited to meet with the Los Angeles City Mayor’s Office. Los Angeles deals with many traffic and transportation headaches, and when they explained the challenge they faced with bus bunching, we saw yet another opportunity to do what we love best: find a solution to a complex problem. LADOT allowed us to run a pilot on their vehicles, and within a matter of months, we solved the bunching problem, increased ridership, and saved the city many millions of dollars.

Today, we still make our home in downtown Los Angeles among a growing community of innovators. Our reputation for successful deployments and impeccable customer care has served us well. In 2015 we joined forces in a strategic partnership with GMV, a leader in Space, Transportation and IT Systems from Madrid, Spain, whose strength continues to transform our ability to innovate and grow. In 2018, Syncromatics officially changed its name to GMV SYNCROMATICS.

Our leadership team has over eight decades of combined experience in transportation and logistics. Our engineers build products they love. Our project managers, installers, and support teams enjoy making our customers' jobs easier. Like you, we use public transportation. Like you, we know it’s important. And, with you, we will build a better future for transportation.