If you’re like most transportation operators, you’re trying to figure out how to do more with less, and you’re trying to engage a more sophisticated ridership. WI-FI can help you do both. GMV Syncromatics offers a turnkey solution to provide Wi‐Fi service to passengers while also creating a secure bus network that consolidates communications and supports other vehicle technology such as security cameras, voice over IP (VOIP) radios, and mobile ticketing with a single cellular connection to eliminate redundant fees.

The vehicle network gateway uses one or more 4G LTE broadband data modems to connect the bus to the internet. It then splits this connection into two components: (a) unsecured public network for Wi‐Fi service and (b) secure bus network for cameras, MDT connectivity, mobile ticketing, and other components. Sharing a connection saves money, while maintaining separate channels improves security and reliability. If you want to harness the full power of technology for you and your riders, then WI-FI is for you.


Key Points:

  • 4G LTE wideband network connections
  • Ethernet ports to connect all bus technologies
  • 4 onboard SSIDs for secured and non‐secured 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi‐Fi
  • Wired Ethernet connection to GMV Syncromatics MDTs
  • Management tools: traffic prioritization, bandwidth throttle, content filtering, analytics
  • Bandwidth and protocol throttling to prevent overages