Audio Visual Annunciation System


It’s no secret that legacy audio announcement systems are cumbersome, requiring actual voice recordings, storage, and manual updating to each of your vehicles. Who has the time and maintenance resources to deal with that? And, worse yet, what good does a manual updating process do for you when there is an emergency or sudden need for a service change?

Our announcement system is driven from a text-to-speech engine built right in to your TRACK management portal. From there you can set approach, arrival and departure announcements for the interior and exterior speakers on your vehicles, and send new messages to the vehicles immediately. You’ll have the control to determine what announcements are made on what routes, and because our announcement system is fully integrated with our MDT and other GPS tracking devices, you can easily change the distance from each stop where announcements begin and end. 

Some important facts about our industry leading solution: 

  • No driver interaction necessary
  • Pre-loaded canned messages allow driver control if needed
  • Separate interior and exterior volume control
  • Configurable with any PA, MIC, Radio systems you have
  • Add on interior LED display signs for visual announcements
  • Allows multiple stop announcements at any point
  • Manages off-route scenarios when they occur
  • Allows announcement configuration at EVERY stop