Real-Time Passenger Information


You’ve spent this much time managing an efficient and reliable operation, now it’s time to deliver the valuable info to your riding public. Our arrival prediction algorithm works independent of scheduled times, and instead uses historical stop-to-stop averages to provide the most accurate arrival estimates possible. When a rider requests a prediction for a nearby stop or an approaching vehicle, we don’t just search through all of the data we have, we take into consideration the day of the week, the time of day, the recent traffic conditions, and make sure we’re basing our predictions on the right historical information. 

Recent regional and national studies have cited 65% accuracy on real time arrival predictions, but our algorithm provides most riders with predictions more than 95% accurate, and more than 85% accurate for all requested stop times, system-wide – even those more than an hour from the time of request. Yes, that’s right, we can give arrival predictions that span multiple trips and routes. If you have vehicles that interline from one route to another, our system is smart enough to look at your schedule information, understand the sequence of trips that any given vehicle is servicing, and piece together the necessary data to provide accurate long-range predictions.

The fruits of our robust arrivals algorithm combine with alerting interfaces in the TRACK system so you can push this Real Time Passenger Information to your desktop website, mobile site, mobile application, IVR system, SMS messages, signs, or 3rd-party managed displays and applications.