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Every operation is different, so we’ve developed a modular system that is easy to configure for any client. We’ll build you a custom vehicle hardware setup, installing the devices you need or integrating with the ones you already own. From there, add on or integrate with other hardware that fits your needs. Many customers start with automated passenger counters, or our proprietary web-based text-to-speech annunciator. We’ve spent years perfecting accurate automated passenger counting because we know it provides the greatest impact. Filter passenger data by route, trip, or time of day, and reallocate resources to increase ridership. And, our passenger counting has been validated to 99% accuracy, giving you the data you’ll need to make NTD reporting fast and easy.

Many of our customers either need announcement systems, or are tired of having to record announcements, load them onto a thumb drive, and update vehicles individually. That's why so many of them choose our proprietary, ADA compliant, web-based, text-to-speech annunciation system. It is an innovative game-changer for vehicle announcements. Just go into your TRACK portal, type in the announcements you want to make for stop approach, arrival, landmark or service changes, and you're done. 

Perhaps best of all, our entire solution is cloud-based, so you'll be up and running in a matter of days, not months or years; no expensive servers or IT staff needed.  We’ll create your TRACK management portal the day you sign your contract and by the time our certified installers step off your vehicles, your system will be provisioned, tested, and providing you native schedule adherence, ridership, driver performance, fare count, vehicle health, revenue and NTD reports that you can customize, save, and export for top-notch management presentations.

Now you're humming. You're tracking your vehicles, counting passengers, making announcements and using the data to build the most efficient system possible. It's time to show your community what you've built! Our arrival prediction algorithm is among the most accurate in the industry and we'll help you display bus arrivals and rider alerts on your desktop and mobile sites, native mobile app, public displays, or anywhere else you wish, using our robust API. You own the information. We just help you display it.


Now it's time to get truly innovative. Vehicle Wifi has opened new frontiers for operators and riders. From a systems perspective, connecting your vehicle devices over a 4G LTE vehicle network gateway removes the need for cellular communications, allowing us to transmit more data, more quickly, enabling advanced features like streaming video, from security cameras or to video displays. And, rider-facing wifi hotspots will elevate the experience you provide to your riders, especially younger tech-savvy riders, or those with extended daily commutes.

ITS deployments don't need to be difficult. We'll make it easy. We'll set it up. We'll teach you how to operate it. We'll make sure it keeps working. And we'll work with you to make it better, every day. At GMV Syncromatics, it isn't uncommon for us to sign a contract, set up a system, install hardware, deploy live, and have system acceptance from a satisfied customer in less than 90 days. We hope you'll be next!