City of Los Angeles (LADOT)

Los Angeles, CA

"I often cite GMV Syncromatics and their work with the Los Angeles Department of Transportation as a great example of a very successful public-private partnership. GMV Syncromatics does not make us just accept their product as-is. Instead they talk with us, listen and proactively learn about our pains. And then they continuously enhance and improve their product and add features to meet our needs."  - Jim Lefton Executive Officer, Transit Division LADOT

AgencyLADOT Transit Division
Customer Since: 2009
Fleet Size: 309 buses
Service Profile: Local Fixed Route Commuter
Market: City/Municipal

Key Goals

Project overview

Downtown Los Angeles is a highly unpredictable and irregular environment for a transit bus - pedestrians, varying traffic patterns and regular special events make the need for real-time operations tools salient. 

LADOT operates the majority of the service within the Downtown Los Angeles area, with some routes having up to 14 buses at one time with 5-8 minute headways. LADOT needed a technology partner who could solve the challenges of headway bunching, while giving dispatchers real-time visibility as to the relative spacing of vehicles and performance of schedules.

Such a technology didn't exist, until GMV Syncromatics developed innovative new software that gave both dispatchers and drivers visibility into the relative spacing of buses. Combined with a deployment of MDTs and engine telemetry for maintenance personnel, LADOT went from no visibility into daily operations to a command center driven by technology.