Automated Passenger Counting

Automated passenger counting allows you to make informed decisions about where people are riding, and when they are doing it. This is critical information for making service changes, establishing budgets, securing funding, and responding to changing ridership patterns.

We’ll install our own APC system on your vehicles, or we’re happy to integrate with the system you already have. We’re hardware agnostic because the real value is in the aggregation and reporting of the data. The APC controller senses when the doors are open, counting only at those times, then sending the data to our MDT, which aggregates and assigns the counts to a stop location before sending them to our servers for storage and presentation.

We’ll take the passenger data and we’ll insert it into all of the other dashboards and reports in your system. You’ll be able to see vehicle capacity on the Live Dispatch map and boarding counts at each time point in your schedule adherence reports. You’ll be able to view historic ridership data for any routes, trips, runs, service packages, and compare them across multiple date ranges. You can also use the driver interface to manually report special fare types like wheelchairs, senior citizens, bicycles, students, and add those alongside your historical passenger reports. At your discretion, you can take it a step farther and display vehicle capacity on your public applications, allowing riders to choose routes and vehicles with the most comfortable capacity for them.


  • Entirely automatic; no operation required from drivers or passengers
  • Only counts when the door is open
  • 95%+ accuracy, far better than manual counts
  • Completely integrated with GMV Syncromatics web-based system and route database
  • Granular data allows for viewing individual records