Merced County Transit

Merced, CA

"Working with Syncromatics allowed us a unique opportunity to drive product development and see measurable results. Passengers, many of whom are City employees, have come to depend on more consistent service on all our downtown routes thanks to this deployment. The data made the difference, and our operations are now much more streamlined and   transparent as a result." 
                                        - Rich Green Transit Manager, Merced County Transit














Agency: Merced County Transit
Customer Since: 2011
Fleet Size: 47 buses
Service Profile: Local + Rural Fixed Route
Commuter: MarketCity/Municipal



Project Overview

Merced County Transit needed a complete ITS system - passenger information (RTPI), automated passenger counting (APC), and annunciators (AVAS), and they needed it fast. They were on a tight budget and their funding needed to be spent by Summer 2012 with an award date of September 2011 - less than 9 months.

Syncromatics was proactive and responsive, delivering the operational passenger information system by March and the fully completed system by July, including system acceptance.

Syncromatics was able to make this happen because our system is a commercial off the shelf (COTS) hosted solution that requires little customization and is highly optimized.